Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hello, hello...hola!

I'm in a place called Vertigo. Or at least I will be in exactly two months! That's right, the official countdown has begun for U2's April 24 show in Seattle. Whoo-hoo!

My tickets arrived in the mail on Saturday, resulting in a happy dance that was surpassed only by the moment almost one month ago when, after struggling through the T-master system to try to get tickets during the U2 fan club pre-sale, I secured the tickets I was vying for: two GAs. (And those tickets are now tucked in a safe place, although not so safe that I forget where I hid them, resulting in me screaming like a banshee the day before the show, "Where in the @$%&*# hell did I put those %&*$@# tickets!?!")

The fact that the tickets are GA means that I will be spending many hours in line on the day of the show, to try to get as close to the stage as possible. But that is a small price to pay to be near four men who I have loved for 23 years. In fact, from time to time I see fit to remind He Who Puts Up With Me that I have loved them longer than I have loved him. Of course, I had loved them for nearly 10 years before I knew that HWPUWM even existed, but I digress.

HWPUWM is refusing to park his ass in line with me for untold hours, but I'm not concerned. I will be amongst other die-hard fans. Plus, my sister, whose U2-lovin' fiance (it probably goes without saying that I highly approve of him) got good-but-expensive reserved seats for the show, has offered to keep me company, too. I think's she's just hoping to meet Bono.

As for me, I would die happy if I got to meet the Edge. I love that man. Luuuuuv him. And let me take a moment to sent good, healing thoughts toward his little daughter, Sian, who, if the rumors are true, is quite sick. I'm hoping that the fact that they are touring at all means that she is getting better.

I am so excited about this concert, that I can hardly stand it. I haven't seen my boys live since 1997. The tour was Popmart, and the venue was Giants Stadium. I really hate stadium concerts. Even though we had pretty good tickets, it still felt like we were miles from the stage...and from my boys. Before that, it was 1992, Zoo-TV tour, Tacoma Dome. I hate the Tacoma Dome. But now, now, I get to see them in a smaller venue (yay!), and if I play my cards right, I could be close enough to grab their ankles (double yay!). Not that I would, of course. Security might frown on that.

Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Almost official U2 T-shirt arrived in the mail yesterday. Got tickets, got outfit. Yay! He Who Puts Up With Me was home when it arrived; I was at work. He called me, opened the package, then asked, "is this supposed to fit one of the cats?" I was a little nervous...I had heard the T-shirts run small, and because I'm between sizes, I'd ordered up. But what if it was still too tiny. So I tried it on the nanosecond I got home. It's snug, but not uncomfortable or obscene. I'm good to go...yay!


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