Saturday, February 12, 2005

Why MoodyBabe?

When, inspired by a friend's blog, I decided to get off the stick and start my own, the first thing I did was did a little Google search. Some wonderful advice ensued, including a few treatsies on the importance of choosing the right blog name. (I especially enjoyed the advice on Bad Example.) I considered choosing a name that tapped my two current interests, baking and bellydance. But what if those interests didn't pass the test of time? Becuase this blog would be about me, my frustrations, and my perspectives as an observer and participant of life, it needed a personal name.

How lucky, then, that in honor of Chinese New Year, my boss hopped onto a Chinese astrology Web site. He looked up my sign, the Monkey, and much hilarity ensued. Apparently I am "a worse bundle of contraditions and inconsistencies" than the male half of my sign. And, I have "numerous faces, each of them possessing its own counterpart." The rest of the lengthy profile only expanded on those themes, until my boss was laughing so hard he nearly fell out of his chair.

So fine. So I'm moody. That's a fact I've know for some time now, something I attribute less to any birth sign, Western or Chinese, and more to the fact that I inherited my mother's emotional nature and my father's impatience, stubborness and quick temper. I try not to take my moodiness for granted. I try to reign it in enough that it does the least amount of damage to those around me. As with most things, some days are better than others.

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