Friday, March 25, 2005

Peeps for you, Peeps for me

Easter just wouldn't be Easter without those gooey marshmallow confections known as Peeps. What? You say you're just not satisfied with store-bought Peeps? Well, all you Martha-wannabes can now have the satisfaction of making your own Peeps, right at home, with Wham-o's Marshmallow Peeps Marshmallow Maker. Yet another fine product from the maker of my childhood favorites, Slip 'N Slide, The Original SuperBall, and The Original Hula Hoop.

I found out about this intriguing $25 contraption thanks to an article on one of my usual online news sources. The best part of the article/review: "If you need to know about nutritional values, you shouldn’t be making or eating Peeps." Hee!

And on that note, I'm off to bite the head off of a neon pink Peeps bunny. Yum!

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