Thursday, March 03, 2005

Time heals all wounds...

...and sore muscles, too.

Actually, some of my muscles (lats and hamstrings, I'm talking to YOU!) are still complaining about last Sunday's workshop. As a result, my weekly workout schedule has dwindled to extra-long yoga sessions (gentle, seated poses, mostly) and my usual mode of transportation: brisk walking. And Doofus still has to be walked daily.

As much as I hurt right after the workshop, I was fearful of my fate come Monday morning (the morning after is almost always the worst). Would I wake to my alarm clock, only to find that my muscles had seized up to the point where I was unable to reach over to turn it off?!?

Alas, no. I felt no worse the morning after than I did the day before, which was good...except it meant that I had no good reason NOT to go to work. Sigh.

Allow me to take this opportunity to give a small round of thanks to my main men, U2, for putting a little spring in this achy girl's step this week. Listening to the "Hasta la Vista" recording from their 1997 Mexico City concert (the PopMart tour, in case you were wondering) was a lifesaver during my twice-daily foot commutes. Nothing like the bouncy refrains of M's "Pop Musik" giving way to "Mofo" ("looking for to save my, save my soul" indeed...more like looking for to save my, save my sore glutes) and then seguing into "I Will Follow" to take this Moody Babe's mind off her pain.

Maybe in 52 days I will have the opportunity to thank Bono, Edge, Adam or Larry myself. Or maybe I should just move to Vancouver, B.C., this month, where it is rumored they will be prepping for their tour. Hmmm...I do really like Vancouver.

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ED said...

Glad you are feeling better!