Friday, March 11, 2005

What a wonderful world

I just saw the news about the alleged rapist who shot to death a judge, court reporter and sheriff's deputy in Atlanta. And then this guy beat up a newspaper reporter outside the courtroom, and shot another sheriff's deputy on the street outside the courthouse. Then, as if he hadn't created enough violence in the world, he carjacked what is suspected to be the first of several vehicles.

This nauseating incident brings to mind several questions:

1. What in the HELL kind of world are we living in?
2. What kind of thought processes would make someone on trial for rape decide to do something (in such a public way, natch) that would put them on trial for multiple homicides? Isn't being on trial for rape bad enough?
3. Are more people using murder as an escape hatch (i.e. defendants killing judges, guys who don't want to be daddies killing their pregnant wives and/or girlfriends), or is media attention just making it appear that way?

In much the same way that it is hard to avoid looking at the results of a car accident, I found myself watching an online video clip of the aftermath of the Atlanta shooting. In one fairly lengthy segment, a sheriff's deputy was performing CPR on someone whom I presume to be the deputy who was shot outside the courthouse. I'm thinking that if you're a shooting victim, and the fact that you were shot caused your heart to stop, that things don't look very good for you. I hope I'm wrong...but the deputy performing the CPR kept going, and going and going. I really feel sick.

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