Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dumb as a box of rocks

OK, I realize that tow truck drivers are not hired for their personality and intelligence, but honestly:

Earlier today, we had just parked in front of our apartment building and were in the middle of getting some crap out of the back seat, when I looked up and noticed a tow truck sitting across the street. And the driver was looking our way.

He yelled at us, "Hey, is there a ticket on your windshield?"

I knew there wasn't, but I admit I flicked a quick glance at the windshield anyway. "Uh, noooooo," I said. "We just parked here."

"Is there a ticket on your windshield," he yelled again, quite rudely. "Yes, or no."

That last little bit he said way too loudly and a little slowly, like he thought I was stupid or something. "No!" I bit back, with my best drop-dead-mother-f----- glare. I was nearly stunned at the extent of this bozo's stupidity. First, we had just parked, which the fact that we were moving crap out of the vehicle kind of indicated. Second, the only time cars are towed from where we were parked is if they are parked there from 3-6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Third, even if we did have a ticket on our windshield, why in the hell would we tell that to a tow truck driver. Moron!

We walked toward the building, and the guy got out of his truck and appeared to be following us. Fine, if he wanted to pick a verbal fight, I had the full ammunition of righteous indignation at my disposal. But no, he asked He Who Puts Up With Me what the street address of our building was. Oooops, looks like he was barking up the wrong building. Come on now, say it with me: MORON!

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