Wednesday, April 20, 2005

On your mark, get set... to Krispy Kreme. Because now you can eat all the yummy glazed, frosted, or kreme-filled lovelies you desire.


Because it turns out the Centers for Disease Control badly botched their data when they came out with the proclamation last year that obesity was the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States, barely trailing behind smoking.

When the study results were first released, the CDC said being overweight or obese contributed to 400,000 deaths a year. Then, in January, they backpedaled a bit, reducing that number to 365,000. Now, they are issuing the "whoops" heard 'round the country: turns out that being grossly overweight only contributes to 25, 814 deaths a year.

Gee, that's a pretty big mistake. Actually, the new number would have been 111,909, but the CDC also discovered that people who are moderately overweight are actually less likely to die than are normal weight citizens (provided that they eat right, exercise and take care of health conditions like high blood pressure). So they had to subtract those people out, leaving only those who were severely overweight.

So here is the new list of leading preventable causes of death, in order: tobacco, alcohol, germs, toxins and pollutants, car crashes, guns, obesity (caused by poor diet and inactivity), risky sexual behavior, illicit drugs.

You are now officially more likely to die in a car crash or gun fight than by tippling too many pints of Ben & Jerry's. Go figure.

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