Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cuke, I am your father

As you probably know, today is the opening day of the latest Star Wars movie. Which means that geeks in Stormtrooper costumes will be standing in line all across America (I myself will only stand in line all day for a U2 concert).

For those of us who don't feel The Force quite so urgently, or who saw the less-than-stellar reviews, I offer you a more educational, and possibly more entertaining option: Store Wars.

If your computer is equipped with Flash and a set of speakers, you too can experience the world of Obi Wan Cannoli, Cuke Skywalker, Darth Tater, Tofu D2, Princess Lettuce, and a host of other tasty characters.

The production values on this short film, sponsored by the Organic Trade Association, are quite excellent.

Still not convinced it's worth your while? Let me put it this way: Where else will you get to see a cucumber in a bad blond wig? Yeah, exactly. So watch it right now (just keep the volume low if you're at work!).

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