Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spring fever

Something odd happened yesterday. As I was walking to work, three strange men (and my that, I mean strangers, not strange) said "Hello" to me.

I had a feeling of deja vu, because after moving back into the city a year ago, this happened a lot. Not necessarily every day, but a lot. But it had not happened for some months. I pondered this turn of events for a moment, then with crystalline clarity I realized the reason for the stopping and starting of this strange phenomena: spring.

More specifically, yesterday was the first day I walked to work without a coat or jacket of any kind. Just a black skirt and tank top, sage green V-neck cardigan, cute dark red Mary Janes, and my beloved cream-and-purple flowered silk scarf from Banana Republic.

Then my (male) work buddy independently commented on the joys of spring...especially women in cute (and less concealing) spring clothes.

Then two more guys said "Hello" to me as I walked home from work.

I rest my case.

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