Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The good...

There are two new golden retriver puppies (brother and sister) in my neighborhood, one in my building and one in a neighboring building. I've seen the girl puppy several times in the last week, by happy coincidence, but yesterday evening when I walked Doofus to the park, what did I spy?

Two puppies! Two golden, roly poly puppies! With coal black noses and eyes and tiny whip tails!

Say it with me now: Awwwwww!

They were more enamored with Doofus than Doofus was with them. I think he was a tad jealous, as he is quite used to being in the spotlight wherever we go (he may be dumb as a post, but he is a looker).

An Australian tourist family stopped to ohh and ahh and cuddle and pet. One of the kids asked if Doofus was the puppies' mother. The answer, of course is "no" (he's a boy) and "no" (he's been neutered). But it was a cute tableau, nonetheless.

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