Monday, July 25, 2005

Irish among us

I was doubly touched by a bit 'o the green this weekend.

Exhibit A: I step out of my building to head to baking class. I immediately spy a group of people (eight or so) waiting to cross the street. They are all wearing matching green T-shirts of a shade somewhere between kelly and emerald. My first thought, "Ah...another matchy-matchy tour group."

Then I squinted my eyes to get a better look. The people were of an assortment of ages. Just the right assortment to be...ohmygod! It's a family! A family, dressed in matching green T-shirts! The horror!

I incurred moderate damage to my retinas and to the portions of my brain responsible for good taste. Fortunately, the damage was not severe enough to prevent me from producing both a delicious carrot cake (with cream cheese frosting and handmade marzipan carrots) and a scrumptious coconut cake (butter cake soaked with a sugar-coconut milk syrup, filled with a mixture of pastry cream and toasted coconut flakes, and frosted with Swiss meringue topped with a coating of non-toasted coconut flakes). No sugar high going on in my household. No siree!

Exhibit B: Walking to Pike Place Market on Sunday with Doofus and He Who Puts Up With Me, I spied a gent wearing an emerald green hooded sweatshirt emblazoned with "Kiss me, I'm Irish" in big gold letters. Only the gent in question was quite clearly not Irish. He was Latino. Which made me appreciate the slogan all the more (it's a bit trite on folks who actually are Irish...although I wouldn't mind if The Edge crossed my path while wearing one of those sweatshirts. Sigh.)

P.S. Speaking of HWPUWM...he's a little irritated with the, ahem, disparaging remarks I made about him in my Mullets-R-Us post from July 19. (I believe his exact words included "I'm not reading your blog anymore!" and included some foot stamping.) I stand behind my words. Maybe that will teach him to not dis Freddie Mercury's teeth (he's dead, for goodness sake!) and Bono's boots.

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ED said...

I wonder if it was just that kind of weekend? I saw at least 3 people wearing a "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" shirt this weekend. Weird.