Thursday, September 01, 2005

A dish best served cold

This work week got off to a rocky start, what with the extreme demoralization handed to me last week. But by Tuesday afternoon, I was flying high.

Why? Because the sources of my distress got their comeuppance. The main instigator, my boss-once-removed, can no longer run amuck, spending money like there is no tomorrow and trying to punish people who actually have the best interests of the company and its products in mind. Yes, she and all her little yes-lings are feeling the pain. And it's glorious. Maybe it makes me petty to feel this way, but I don't care.

After watching scads of people in her location of our department get promoted to "director" positions when they don't even direct anyone, after hearing how they come into work late, go to breakfast for an hour or more, come back to work a little before taking a long lunch, going back to work for a bit and then leaving early...I think I earned my bitterness.

Is it so wrong that I find it amusing that the head of the company is asking for job descriptions and project status reports from everyone in her department? I must add that my workload is sufficiently full and my work is of a nature that no one else currently employed by my company could be trusted to do what I do and do it right. And I have many, many other people in other departments to back me up if need be. So I am confident that my job is secure.

For now, the universe is righting itself, and things should be better until I find myself a different job. (Recent reversals of fortune aside, my company still has issues.)

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