Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Accountability, redux

Yes, I've been absent for the last few weeks. It's because I've been plotting and planning like a madwoman for my company's ShapeUp fitness and weight loss challenge. I was busy as a bee crafting two weeks worth of motivational e-mails (for the two weeks before the challenge began) to send to my team of 10.

Plus, I've been designing my personal strategy, including a finely honed meal plan and workout schedule.

I am a machine. I am the Terminatrix.

So, even though I haven't been accountable via this blog, I have been so highly motivated in my quest for leanness that you need not fear: I have been a good girl.

I'm not going to publish everything I eat and do here. Instead, I'll just do the highlights. For example:

Monday, April 20
1,358 calories (36%C/30%P/34%F)
21,055 pedometer steps
185 minutes of moderate exercise

Tuesday, April 21
1,709 calories (35%C/27%P/39%F)
20,078 pedometer steps
205 minutes moderate exercise

There. Short and simple.

As a twist on the accountability idea, I will be starting a new feature on my blog: "What's in your cart?" It will feature weekly pix of what's in my Costco cart (and PCC reusable bag).

Here's the pix from two weeks ago:

2 loaves sprouted grain bread
18 large eggs
6-pack o' peppers
Box of sweet potatoes
2 bins of mixed salad greens
Tub of hummus
2 bunches of bananas
Cream cheese (for Easter dessert)
We also bought yogurt (organic, plain, nonfat) and organic lemons at PCC, but I don't remember what else.

And, here's last week's pix:

Big bag o' broccoli
2 loaves sprouted grain bread (forgot we bought 2 the week before)
Lowfat cottage cheese
3 half-gallons organic 1% milk
18 large eggs
1 bunch bananas
Turkey breast
1 bin organic mixed salad greens
1 bin organic baby spinach
French roast coffee
6 mangos
6 pack o' peppers
2 jars of peanuts
Chicken raviolis (a final pre-competition splurge)

At PCC, we bought yogurt (organic, plain, nonfat), kefir (organic, plain, lowfat), steel-cut oats, muesli, a few fig bars and organic mint chocolate chip ice cream (the rest of the splurge).

Ciao, until tomorrow!

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