Tuesday, March 22, 2005

...and a not so beautiful one

It's a sad fact that some people reach a point where they feel that they simply cannot continue to exist in life as they know it.

Suicide is an issue rife with legal, moral, psychological and emotional baggage. But I want to cut through all that to say just one thing:

If you really, truly feel that life is not worth living and you have therefore decided that you have no other option but to end your own life, I beg you...don't take anyone else with you.

I don't care if the kids at school picked on you. I don't give a s--t if you feel that you need to vent your frustrations or mete out some "justice" before you blow your own head off. If you think that self-termination is the only path leading away from your trouble and pain, then logic and rational thought have deserted you. They have. Don't argue with me.

Death won't feel any better if you've first racked up a body count. Suicide is never pretty. Don't make it any uglier.

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