Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day Memo

To: Self
From: Self
Re: Mother's Day Insanity

I know that you thought it was a fine idea when your mother suggested that for Mother's Day she wanted to go shopping at the brand new ( only opened on Thursday!) outlet mall next to the Tulalip casino, and that you saw no real problem with her suggestion to to to lunch at one of the casino restaurants afterwards (even though the idea didn't thrill you). But , really, what in the hell were you thinking?

The traffic, oh, the traffic. Couldn't you have forseen how bad the traffic would be as carloads of Mother's Day shoppers flocked toward the shopping Holy Grail? Didn't you guess that what would normally be a 45-minute drive from Seattle would come closer to two hours? And as for the mall itself, why were you so blind as to not guess the depressing cross-section of humanity that would be packed into the mall itself? Oh the agony of the restroom line (shouldn't have had that coffee on the way out of the city), which was only dwarfed by the line of people waiting to get into the Coach store.

And then, at the casino, were you really suprised to discover that it was a one-hour wait to get into the restaurant, and a two-hour wait for the buffet? Yes you were surprised, but you should not have been. Shame, shame on you.

Finally, when you suggested escaping into Marysville proper for a meal at a Chinese restaurant you love, you should have insisted that He Who Puts Up With You follow your ususal arangement of splitting the divine honey-walnut prawns and snow peas & broccoli with garlic sauce, instead of adopting his idea of going with the greasier combo plates. You would have both been grateful later.

Of course, you know what the real problem is: you failed to think at all. And, for someone who is usually thinking 24-7, whether she wants to or not, this is a complete breakdown on your part. Don't let it happen again!

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