Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bad, bad blogger!

Yes, I know. I've been a very bad blogger. I must admit, I had no idea quite how bad until I logged on and saw that it had been almost a month.

I'm so very sorry.

But today is a perfect day to reform my bad behavior. Why? Because it started with a thick spread of my homemade chunky strawberry jam (made from organic local berries purchased Sunday at the Pike Place Market) on a slice of Essential Bakery's Fremont Sour White bread. Yum. It's the first strawberry jam I've ever made, and it was delish! (Note to He Who Puts Up With Me...I lied. I did put in the black peppercorns and the mint! Hahahahahahahaha! Who do you think you are to question Jam Goddess Christine Ferber? And before strawberry season is over, you will eat strawberries with slivered basil, and you WILL like it! It, too, is more delicious than words can adequately describe.)

Of course, I might have saved my jam fest for tomorrow, if I had known that my boss was going to bring in a box of Top Pot doughnuts. Mmmmmm...chocolate for breakfast.

Today being the gorgeous, sunny Seattle day that it is, my work cohorts and I decided to take a visiting collegue (from a city in the gentile south) down to Pike Place for lunch. We meandered through the main arcade, pointing out the "throwing fish" guys, the local produce, the gorgeous flowers, etc. Then we got down to business, grabbing greasy (in a good way!) cheesy smoked turkey sandwiches from Beechers and walking down to Victor Steinbruck Park, where we could nosh while soaking up the sun, fending off the pigeons, and pointing out the ferries and other notable Seattle sites.

I so rarely walk through the main part of the Market this time of year (too crowded with tourists), but I must admit it was a pleasure to do so today. Of course, when I'm with other people, I am forced to walk at about one-tenth of my usual pace, so I didn't have the irritation of having slow people in my way. I was one of the slow people.

We capped off lunch with a bag of ripe, sweet, gorgeous, local Ranier cherries the size of plums. God, I love summer!

Tonight, we're going, on the company's dime, to Restaurant Zoe in Belltown. Hmmm...what to have, what to have?

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