Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Vive la France!

I have long been a fan of that "Very French Bakery," Le Panier, located in the Pike Place Market, for those of you who aren't familiar. Their pain au chocolat is a breakfast treat I would love to indulge in daily (I don't). And I adore the delicious simplicity of their jambon et fromage baguette sandwiches. Yum.

So, imagine my surprise when I visited my favorite Seattle food blog (more than just food, actually), Seattle Bon Vivant. It turns out that mere blocks from me is a Frencher than French bakery called Biofournil (the Web site says nothing about the Seattle location, but it does have info on their breads and philosophy). I say that because there are only two outposts: The original one in France, and the one in Seattle. Located at 2507 Fourth Ave in Belltown (just north of Wall Street), not only is this bakery French, they're organic. Two things that are music to my ears (and tastebuds).

So I took a different path on my walk to work this morning, and treated myself to a yummy almond croissant and a lovely, crusty loaf for later. I am eager to return to sample their lunch offerings, which I understand include quiche and tasty French sandwiches. Hmmmm...tomorrow is Bastille Day. Did I mention the organic part?

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