Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Do not call!

I am not exaggerating when I say that I have spent years of effort preventing my alma mater, University of Oregon, from having my phone number. Since the day I graduated, in fact.


Because I don't want students calling me and asking me to donate money, that's why.

At first, it was for philosophical reasons. I was paying off student loans, which meant I was giving quite enough money for education, thank you very much. Then, I developed a new philosophy: I don't want anyone calling me and asking me for money, ever!

All was well until this morning, when I received a telemarketing call at my desk at work. You know the kind: you answer, and there's no one there because the autodialer missed the boat on the timing between telemarketing parasite and innocent victim. I looked up the area code: Virginia. Hmmmm....

A few hours later, I get another call. The same number pops up on my phone display. This time, there's someone on the other end of the line. He identifies himself as being from the University of Oregon (gee, didn't know they had a satellite campus in Virginia). I politely (I am at work and within the earshot of others) tell him that I don't appreciate receiving telemarketing calls at my place of business. He hangs up before I even finish my sentence. The nerve!

So I fume about how the Fighting Ducks got my work number. I check my alumni profile online. Nothing there. Then the lightbulb over my head goes on. In February, I faxed in a request for my transcript to be sent to the culinary school I was in the process of applying to. And I gave them my work number (only because I am even more zealous about not giving out my cell/home number). I think those bastards in the registrar's office shared my information.

I am steaming. Really, its still coming out of my ears.

I fired off a frosty e-mail (yes, frosty in spite of all the steam) asking who they share that information with. Hmmph!

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