Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Stark raving mad!

I've dithered for months (really, we're talking since at least January...or maybe December) about getting my hair cut.

For a while, it made sense to let it grow out, mostly for belly dancing purposes (a student performance in April, then the Solstice Parade in June). And I kind of liked being able to put it in a ponytail, or two cute braids, or up in a twist. And women, we all know how nutty men get about long hair. If I had a nickel for every time He Who Puts Up With Me said "NO! You can't get it cut!" I'd be able to pay for my next haircut.

So the state of my hair has been reaching critical mass. It's past my shoulders, one length, thick but baby fine. I never wear it down anymore, because it just goes limp (a state that is made worse by the fact that I walk everywhere. Now, if I had time to style it nicely and never had to go outside...then maybe it would work).

I was looking for digital photos of myself to post onto a newsgroup I belong to, and I came across pix from last summer, when my hair was in a cute bob. I snapped. Must get hair cut. Must get hair cut now!

Trouble is, my salon was closed until this morning. So with the patience of a saint, I waited until I could book my precious appointment...for this Saturday.

Now, I'll need not only patience (a quality that I am quite lacking in, according to HWPUWM), but tremendous willpower as well (a quality that I am quite lacking in, according to me!) to keep my paws off the scissors and the scissors away from my lanky locks. Give me strength!

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