Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm baaaack!

Oy, I've been a bad blogger, again.

In my defense, I've been very busy lately getting my kid sister married off.

As her maid/matron of honor (since I'm married already, it's technically matron, but I sure as hello don't feel like a matron...and never will if I can help it!), I had to throw her a bridal shower (which I also catered myself, fyi) and a bachelorette party (did I really need to see my master's-degree holding, elementary school-teaching sister dancing around shaking male member-shaped maracas? Not so much.). And those are responsibilities that I would never take on for anyone else but her. No way, no how. Especially when I never even had my own bachelorette or shower, as I had the good sense to elope.

And then, last weekend, the big event, on the Olympic Peninsula, with huge ferry waits due to the stupid Hood Canal Bridge being closed. Family and friends carted themselves in from all over the country. It was fun, the location was gorgeous, the food was delish, the band was fab...but it was exhausting. And I am more glad than ever that I eloped. I was glad for Kid Sis, sure, but I saw exactly what it was I didn't want for myself...more stress.

So, now that I'm finally recovering, I've decided to mend my Bad Blogger ways by blogging every day this week. Let's see if I can do it, shall we?

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