Saturday, September 03, 2005

Ups and downs

As tired as I was, I came home from baking class riding high on the fact that I successfully made chocolates. Yes, chocolates. Three kinds actually: white chocolate with a white chocolate-lemon ganache filling (delicious in spite of the fact that I usually consider white chocolate to be a sham), semi-sweet chocolate with an espresso-chocolate ganache filling and semi-sweet chocolate with a raspberry ganache filling. They are all delish, if I do say so (just don't look at the undersides, which are a bit on the amature side...but on top they look great!).

I have to take something to my community garden's potluck tomorrow, so I decided on the harvest squash loaf from my Macrina Bakery cookbook, mostly because it was the first thing that occured to me that I had all the ingredients for. I've been a bad planner! So, to bolster my resolve to measure out the ingredients for it, so I could bake it tomorrow morning without much effort, I asked He Who Puts Up With Me (who, incidentally, is still boycotting my blog because I allegedly insulted him in it, but really he is being a Big Baby) to "buy a girl a drink." So he made me a Silk Stalking, which involves tequila, creme de cacao, cream, and amaretto in place of the grenadine that we didn't have.

I drank one while I measured out sugar, flour and spice and toasted walnuts, pecans and pumpkin seeds. Then I had a second while we started to watch Nightline. Big mistake. Ted Koppel was interviewing congressmen and other people talking about how little was being done to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and how white people were getting preferential treatment. I started to cry like a baby, because I don't doubt it's true.

Just tonight, in my baking class, someone said "I bet if it was LA that was flooded, and all the beautiful people were out of their homes, all kinds of people would be rushing to help. But have poor black people be the victims, and no one cares."

I have to do something to help the victims, but I'm not sure what would be the best thing to do. I want to send them food and clothes, but that's clearly not practical. But at this moment I'm too tipsy (no, I'm not kidding...damn Silk Stalkings...I might add that it is a testament to my training and experience as a writer that I am typing coherently at the moment. Is it wrong to blog while under the influence?)

Anyhoo...I have to do something, because stupid how-could-he-have-been-reelected-I-mean-honestly? President Bush is too busy sending resources to fight a clearly unwinnable war to actually help his own people as we go sliding into a recession (no, I'm not bitter or anything!!), the rest of us must do something. Damn it!

Clearly I am in no state to form a plan now. Maybe tomorrow. I really want to organize a bellydance benefit, but I have no time! Damn it again! OK, no more drunk blogging. Jeez, I'm a lightweight! And I will not delete this post tommorrow...

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