Thursday, October 06, 2005

I will certainly not!

If the guy who yelled at me outside a church last week was pretty brazen, he's got nothing on the fine upstanding citizen I encountered down at Pike Place Market yesterday.

I skipped down there at lunch to pick up some Asian pears and salad greens at the Wednesday organic market, then decided to hop on over to Cost Plus for walnut oil and green tea.

I'm about a block away, passing a Tully's on my left and a parked delivery truck on my right. As I pass the back end of the truck, a guy steps up onto the sidewalk. I'm not particularly paying attention to him, but I hear him say something about the scarf I'm wearing (one of my favorites...a cute leopard print I bought almost 15 years ago at Banana Republic). I keep walking, of course, and don't even make it to the end of the block before this anonymous guy screams at me an, ahem, order (I really can't call it a request) to perform a certain intimate act on him. And he punctuates the order by calling me a bitch.

Now, I am a bitch, but really, how would he know that? And He-Who-Puts-Up-With-Me would probably not appreciate it if I went along with the rest of what the guy said.

I'm thinking this is a sign that I should just get the hell out of Dodge. More on that later...

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