Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Dodging raindrops on my way back to the office from Nordstrom, clutching my cute new Danskos and my grilled chicken cesear (for which my stomach was ardently begging), I was excited to see my favorite street musician at the corner of Fifth and Pine. I call this guy the Stevie Ray Vaughan Wanna-Be, because his sound has a strong SRV vibe, but it's probably not fair to label him like that.

Anyway, I'm crossing Pine while rummaging through my wallet for a bill or two to drop in the dude's guitar case. I get to the other side and (shocking disclosure alert!) without looking or even thinking I start to cross Fifth...against the light. Not a good idea, because there are cars coming. Honking cars. I jump back with sufficient seconds to spare, so the sickness I felt was not because of any near-death experience, but because I was guilty of hypocrisy.

All the times I verbally railed against people who just walk out in front of cars, all the moments when I extended my middle finger toward cars that have nearly run me over in crosswalks...oh, the shame. I am humbled.

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