Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Top 10 tasty bites

J's and my joint devotion to, nay obsession with, "Kitchen Nightmares" naturally leads to conversations about various facets of restaurantdom, including gross hygiene violations, decor and menu. That got me thinking about my favorite places to eat in Seattle.

It was HARD to limit it to 10, people. I decided I had to exclude bakeries from this list, or I would still be whittling. I've been to all but two of the 10 multiple times. Each of the "winners" causes me to develop either acute cravings or a dreamy look on my face when I think of them. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Baguette Box: I know that the crispy drunken chicken baguette is their big hit, but I luvvvv the roasted pork loin with apricot aioli. And their beet salad with garlic olive oil inspired me to make my own version at home regularly.

Cafe Campagne: I've been here for brunch, lunch and dinner, and it's all good. Croque-monsieur, yum. Lamb burger with pommes frites, yum. Cassoulet, double yum. I already told my coworkers that this is where they are taking me for my birthday lunch next month so that I can order the oeufs en meurette.

Casuelitas: Everything I've sampled here is delish, but I can't bring myself to actually order anything other than the goat curry. With a mojito and some plantains on the side, please.

Dahlia Lounge/Lola (tie): These are both Tom Douglas restaurants, of course, so I don't feel I'm cheating. I am as devoted to the bread salad at Dahlia (with a lavender Dry Soda) as I am to Lola's kabob plate at lunch (with a pot of Moroccan mint tea).

India Express (510 Broadway E. on Capitol Hill): I've been there for dinner more than once, but J and I drool over the lunch buffet (but not in the buffet...that would be gross). Always delicious, always friendly efficient service.

The Kingfish Cafe: Finally (!) went here with coworkers last summer, for lunch. Was instantly smitten by their buttermilk fried chicken breast over mixed salad greens and HUGE desserts. Did I say HUGE? I'm not kidding.

Le Pichet: J and I first went here on the Fourth of July a few years ago. I think I could eat here three meals a day and be perfectly pleased.

Matt's In The Market: Finally (!) went here a few months ago (again with coworkers). I was torn between the lamb burger and the "honkin' hot" ahi tuna sandwich. Lamb won the first round, but I must go back for that tuna...

Tutta Bella: Their Columbia City location is dangerously close to my neighborhood. I love every single thing about this place. Their salads. Their pizzas. Their desserts. The cute little glasses (smaller versions of their water glasses) they serve (most) wine in.

Typhoon: I go here a lot with coworkers, and I never get tired of the green chicken curry and the lengthy tea menu.

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