Sunday, January 13, 2008

Leapin' leopards, part 1

This weekend I finished my first few projects for my Wardrobe Refashion pledge. Two are in the photo at right. The leopard-print fleece jacket is from Butterick retro pattern 4928. I purchased the fabric last fall on sale at I opted to not line the jacket, since the fleece feels so cozy. The fabric cost $14.60, and I still have some sizable scraps left to use on some other small projects (an ear-protecting headband, for example). Thread was the only other cost.

Also pictured are a pair of flat-front denim trousers that I had all-but-finished three months ago. I finally finished hemming them and tacking down the waistband lining. The dark stretch denim was a steal at $1.95 a yard from (yes, I do love them very much). Including zipper, thread and bias tape, these cost me maybe $6 to make.

I also finished refashioning a light gray, slightly metallic lightweight sweater set I bought at Goodwill for $5. I shortened the thin straps on the shell by 4 inches, making it look less like a strappy tank, more like a sleeveless square-necked shell. I took in the too-big cardigan along the sleeve and side seams to make it fit a little closer. Photos of that project, along with a front view and pattern envelope view of the leopard jacket are posted on my Flickr page.

Up next: I have a whole slew of Goodwill purchase that have refashioning written all over them. Plus, I just got a book on T-shirt refashioning from the library, so I have many T's that should be looking very different, very soon.


tricia said...

I was just at the refashion blog and saw your leopard coat...I love it, its gorgeous!

Kate said...

Thanks so much! Now that the rain has (hopefully) left Seattle for the rest of the week, I'll actually get a chance to wear it!

Anonymous said...

K-Since you're in the sewing mood...would be sooooo nice to have those toasty wool trousers i bought many, many moons ago hemmed to fight off those brisk morning winds as i walk to the office.-J

Kate said...

Nice try, "anonymous." I know who you are! And those pants will get hemmed...eventually.