Sunday, January 13, 2008


I bet you didn't know it, but today was the first day of my gardening season. It was the first weekend day of 2008 with no rain, so J and I jumped on the chance to do a little tidying around the old homestead.

It's amazing what a difference plucking up the kazillion tiny weeds that were growing JUST TO SPITE ME and laying down a layer of Zoo Doo can do to make the garden look almost springtime fresh.

We got enough Doo out of the plastic-covered pile on our driveway to actually reclaim a few feet for, you know, parking. I planted the last 240 of the, again, kazillion flower bulbs I bought last fall. Better late than never. They were tiny bulbs so the planting went fast, thank god, because my fingers were half frozen (maybe that was my just punishment for being so neglectful to them).

I trimmed back last year's now-dead top growth on the coreopsis, veronica and echinacea (but not on the foxgloves...I swear those things don't know it's winter). J cut back the canes in the fall raspberry bed and I started cleaning up the strawberry bed...until we called it a day for early cocktail hour. Can't work TOO hard, now.

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