Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dishes served cold

In light of my unfair treatment by my stupid coworkers in another state (and apparently in another dimension where being it's better to be "yes" person than to simply do the right thing), I was itching for revenge of some sort.

I thought about sending a mail bomb (OK, not really). I thought about putting a hex on them. Neither turned out to be viable.

In a seemingly unrelated matter, during the brief hour on Monday that He Who Puts Up With Me took our vehicle out of our building's parking garage (to take a jaunt to Costco, where we found out we can get Doofus' expensive prescription medication for a fraction...yes, a fraction!...of what we were paying elsewhere), a strange vehicle parked in our spot. The spot that we pay monthly rent for. Why our spot, I do not know, since there are many spots that are currently unoccupied, and even more that are unoccupied during the day.

Anyhoo...HWPUWM wrote down the license plate and took it to the manager's office. They had no idea who's car it was, but they offered to put a "move your ass within 24 hours or get towed" notice on it. "Hell, yeah" we said.

Yesterday, car was still there.

This morning, car was still there. Manager said they would have it towed.

After work, car was still there. I told manager.

Manager said "it's really still there?"

I said "We'd like it towed, please."

Manager said "I'll call right now."

About 15 minutes ago, I heard (and saw) a tow truck in the alley.

About 5 minutes ago the manager called to say the car had been towed.

Yee haw!

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